Taylor. 20. Arizona. England. Arizona, again.
I eat too much peanut butter and drink a lot of coffee.
I'm on a journey to find balance, and maybe myself along the way.

  • A weekend away was exactly what I needed. I slept, ate, drank, and essentially just relaxed with my family. I also got to see one of my sweetest friends, so that was an added bonus.
  • I am not nearly ready for all the craziness to start again when my alarm goes off tomorrow morning.
  • BUT this week is going to be a good one. I’ve got a wedding to go to on Tuesday, and my friend from up north comes home this weekend.
  • If I haven’t mentioned that I’m really stoked for the Arctic Monkeys concert with my partner-in-crime, let me mention that one more time.
  • I am currently chillaaaaxin’ and watching Greek before I tuck in for an early night… that madness begins again at 6 a.m.

Hope you’re all well, pals xx

I was tagged by my lovely partner-in-crime, so here are my phone screens.

I tag the wonderful Sarah, Lauren, Sarah, and Eileen!